Behind the androgynous mask of Simone Ahà hides a curious soul who fell in love with the format of vinyl and the many cultural treasures that can be discovered on it. Simone Ahá’s ever growing treasure chamber counts plenty of shiny pearls from the many corners of the globe. Now and then some of these pearls get public exposure through DJ sets at various events, parties and radio sessions.

On the surface that is all you need to know about Simone Ahà. However, if you have more interest in the person behind the mask, you can find a more detailed biography below.

Simon Lundsgaard grew up in the Danish countryside. In his early years he developed peculiar curiosity and interest towards music. Every week he went to the mobile library which visited his village on Wednesdays. There, he avidly borrowed as many CDs as he could carry home, and spent the rest of week ripping the CDs onto his computer. Through the years, this method provided young Simon with a gigantic music collection, not to mention the knowledge and music overview he gained.
That is how Simon started his musical journey which later would introduce him to new sounds from cultures around the world.

Today Simon has had the privilige of playing at various venues in cities like Copenhagen, Malmö, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest and Johannesburg. He occasionally contributes to shows on radio stations, curates music lists for online magazines and do music supervising for restaurants and other venues.